Gutta aims to protect the three pillars of civilization through its work: Life, property and environment. This credo is pursued in all areas of our work.

Gutta – our values make the difference

The Gutta Group is an owner-operated, Swiss consortium that focuses on the production, acquisition, logistics and marketing of building materials, components and garden products.

Tradition, experience and clear corporate values are combined with passion for ongoing innovation and high-quality products as well as services that meet or even exceed our customers’ expectations every time. We focus in particular on the sustainability of our thinking, planning and our actions together with going easy on resources.

55 years on the market
25 locations
400 employees
121 million in group sales

Gutta is a family business that is proud on upholding its core values, regardless of today's fashion. True to our Swiss roots, we are committed to accuracy and reliability. German engineering is in our blood; our work is both certified and innovative.

Gutta Group

Chronicle - 50 years of tradition and innovation


  • Founding of Elda AG (Glarus, Switzerland) by our current President Christoph Dicken von Oetinger
  • Production of guttaflex corrugated bitumen sheets (later guttanit)


  • The company group pushes to develop international orientation
  • Various license agreements in Italy, the GDR and Mexico
  • Production of corrugated bitumen sheets in Lincolnton, USA


  • Start of production of corrugated bitumen sheets in Switzerland


  • Sales start of plastic products, dimpled membranes and tarpaulins
  • Gutta’s entry into “do-it-yourself” markets


  • Takeover of the licensee Coverlite in Italy
  • Cooperation with a well-known German producer of building materials in Italy, France and Poland
  • Cooperation with local trading companies in the Czech Republic and Slovenia
  • Start of production and market launch of garden products in Germany


  • Production and market launch of the gutta 3 punti underroof sheets


  • Merger of Gutta Werke Schutterwald (D) with KWS Kunststoffwaren Vertriebs GmbH
  • Participation in Modernroof in Hyderabad, the largest producer of corrugated bitumen sheets in the Indian subcontinent.


  • Founding of Gutta International AG (Management and Holding) and Gutta Engineering (R & D) in Switzerland.


  • Certification of Gutta Werke Schutterwald (D) according to ISO 9002
  • Founding of new companies in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Spain


  • Start of production of dimpled membranes in Filago (I)


  • Certification of Gutta Werke Filago (I) according to ISO 9002 and ISO 14001
  • Start of production of lawn grid elements in Filago (I)


  • Expansion of the company Gutta Baltic
  • Founding of new group companies in Romania and Russia
  • Production capacities nearly doubled


  • Production and market launch of guttabeta star dimpled membranes


  • The Russian business is reorganized
  • Market expansion in Southeast Asia, in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and China


  • Start-up of the first Gutta Compact-Line production plant in Russia
  • Production plant relocated from Switzerland to Italy
  • Acquisition of 5 new injection moulding machines in Italy
  • Founding of Gutta Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Niederau (Germany)


  • Increased sales in Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, Canada and the USA


  • Start of production and sales in the segment of front door canopies and terrace roofs through takeover of a well-known German manufacturer of construction elements.

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