Gutta Werke - Review on 50 years of tradition and innovation

1965Foundation of Elda AG (Glarus, Switzerland). The company acquires the guttaterna GmbH in Germany and starts with the production of guttaflex corrugated bitumen sheets (CBS), later renamed to guttanit®.
1968CBS production starts in Italy.
1974CBS production starts in Switzerland.
1968-1979The group starts the international expansion. Various production licence agreements are signed in Italy, East Germany and Mexico. In Lincolton/USA the groups starts producing CBS.
1980-1989The group starts to diversify in the plastics sector with own brands such as guttagliss®, guttacryl®, guttaplane®, guttabeta® and starts the supply of the first DIY-chains.
1989-1993Years of cooperations, participations and mergers follow the products diversification phase. guttagarden® (grass paving system ) production starts in Germany.
1993Market introduction of the gutta® 3 punti undertile sheet.
1994Start of big scale DIY activity with a merger of KWS and Gutta in Germany. Gutta participates in India in a local CBS production plant named Modernroof Hyderabad.
1994-1996Establishment of Gutta International AG (Management and Holding) and Gutta Engineering AG (R & D) in Switzerland.
1997-1998Gutta Germany receives the ISO 9002 Certificate. First international market expansion through own subsidiaries in East Europe (H, SLO, HR, PL, CZ) and Spain which distribute the entire product range.
1999First guttabeta® - foundation membrane production starts in Italy.
1999-2002The italian plant gets certified according to ISO 9002  and 14001 standards. Start of guttagarden® production in Filago/Italy.
2005-2009Optimization of production and sales logistics in combination with the ongoing market expansion through own subsidiaries in Romania, Russia and the Baltics lead to a boost in turnover and earnings. The production capacities almost doubled within this period. Introduction of guttabeta® star.
2011Ing. Christoph Dicken von Oetinger resumes the active lead of the Group as Chairman of the Executive Committee (ExCom). The ExCom replaces the old Gutta management structures with its CEO and CFO at Gutta International AG in Switzerland.
2012The group reoganizes its Russian operations and expands its operations into Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and China.
2013Ing. Cliff Dicken von Oetinger rejoins the Gutta Group to assure the 2nd generation. Introduction of the Gutta Compact-Line for local CBS semi-production. CBS Production starts in Russia, The Swiss Gutta Werke AG CBS production unit re-starts its operation in Italy; - 5 new injection mould machines start its operation in Italy for the guttadrytec® and guttagarden® program.
2014Expansion continues in Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and South America.

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