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Bitumen roofings

Bitumen roofing

Gutta bitumen products are robust and have proven themselves under all climatic conditions: gutta corrugated sheets are an economical solution for roofing covering large areas. guttatec bitumen shingles are also available in many different shapes and colors.

Foundation wall protection

guttabeta dimpled membrans provide certain and permanent protection to foundations. They prevent mechanical damage, or, depending on the design, can also be used to form effective drainage systems.



Roofing transparent

Roofing transparent

The guttagliss range has suitable transparent plastics for every application: whether interior or external, for roofs and walls, for professional craftsmen or hobby and do-it-yourself work. High-quality materials guarantee a long life and the best light permeability.



Decorative plates made ​​of plastic

Decorative sheets

There is a wide range of products available in guttagliss in flat materials, ranging from highly transparent glazing foils and structured sheets of polystyrol for the interior, of acryl through transparent or colored sheets for hobby or D.I.Y. work.



guttagliss glazing foils

Glazing foils

guttagliss glazing foils are available in two different designs. guttagliss primus are easy-to-process plastic tracks made of PVC, which can be used in the exterior only for a limited period of time. guttagliss solair-extra is made of recyclable PET (Polyclear), an eco-friendly basic material which is also used in food packaging.

Garden products

Garden products

The guttagarden line of products includes many practical and well-shaped tools for the house and the garden. For example, plant holders and rain barrels in many sizes and designs, lawn grid elements and grid foils for defining pathways and places round off the range.


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Terrace Roof | Carport

The professional complete solution for self-assembly. For terrace, balcony, carport and pergola.



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