Corrugated bitumen sheets for roofing and cladding

Easy and long-life: guttanit the right solution for you!

guttanit corrugated bitumen sheets | Click to enlarge
guttanit corrugated bitumen sheets | Click to enlarge
guttanit corrugated bitumen sheets | Click to enlarge
guttanit corrugated bitumen sheets | Click to enlarge


  • Cost-effective

  • Long life and maintenance-free

  • Available in four natural colors

  • Low weight

  • Easy to use and fast installation

  • 15 years guarantee under warranty provision

Your options

  • Roof covers

  • Wall covering

  • Old roof reconditioning

  • Do it yourself

Long-life and economical solution
gutta corrugated bitumen sheets are an easy-to-process, long-life and economical solution for roofing and wall covering. The sheets are available in four natural colours, particularly aging-resistant and are an eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free recycling-product. Our bitumen sheets have been in use world-wide for decades. Millions of installed gutta corrugated bitumen sheets sheets provide striking proof of its durability under all imaginable climatic conditions. The high maximum load exceeds the required official values. This results from the special multi-layer method and the fine corrugation. 

Quality is the basis for gutta corrugated bitumen sheets, which have been installed in the millions in past decades. In order to insure constant quality, gutta corrugated bitumen sheets are continuously checked and tested by the Materials Testing Institute of the Technical University of Karlsruhe which allows us to give a worldwide 15-year guarantee against leakage. The sheets are largely resistant to external influences such as industrial atmospheres, heat and frost.

Modernising roofs with corrugated bitumen sheets

The strong stability of the sheets is to a large measure owed to the multi-layer design which allows light-weight substructure. Corrugated bitumen sheets are also the perfect choice for modernising and refurbishing work because they adapt easily to different types of substructures.

Tips for safe and easy workmanship

Watching a few basic tips will help you fix the corrugated bitumen sheets quickly and safely. What's important, for example, is a vapour-permeable sarking membrane to make sure the condensation water is collected. With these preparations done, use a saw, hammer and the gutta nails to fix the sheets easily and conveniently. It's best to fix the sheets facing the prevailing wind direction. Offset the joining cover by half a sheet width.

Safe fixing for corrugated bitumen sheets
Use the specially designed gutta nails to fix the guttanit corrugated bitumen sheets. Fix the sheets on every third peak, fix on every peak in the eaves or overlap zone. If the sheets are not used for roofing but for wall cladding, make sure to fix the sheets at a sufficient distance from ground or floor.

Versions(click to enlarge)




gutta nails
2,8 x 70 mm,
with PE washer
in four colors

Ridge capping
Length: 105 cm
Useful length: 100 cm 
Edges metal-reinforced
in four colors

Gable angles
Length: 105 cm
Useful length: 100 cm  
Edges metal-reinforced
in four colors

Trailing edge strip 
(verge profile)
Lenght: 200 cm
steel 0,5 mm, galvanized
hole drilled every 15 mm
for nailing
Toothed strip for guttanit
Lenght: 100 cm
Width: 2 cm

Transparent corrugated
sheet guttanit
Polyester, Sinus 76/30
Length: 200 cm
Useful lenght: 185 cm
gutta spacer
for transparent corrugated
sheet, Sinus 76/30,

Roofing underlay
for air space roofs
Role legth: 25 m / 50 m
Width: 1,5 m

guttanit K14

Length2000 mm
Width1060 mm
Gross surface area2,12 m²
Net covering area1,82 m²
Corrugation pitch76 mm
Corrugation height30 mm
No. of waves14
Fire classB 2
Weightapprox. 2,5 kg/m²
Packing unit150's palett

guttanit K12

Length2000 mm
Width910 mm
Gross surface area1,82 m²
Net covering area1,54 m²
Corrugation pitch76 mm
Corrugation height30 mm
No. of waves12 
Fire classB 2
Weightapprox. 2,5 kg/m²
Packing unit150's  palett

guttanit K11


Length2000 mm
Width830 mm
Gross surface area1,66 m²
Net covering area1,40 m²
Corrugation pitch76 mm
Corrugation height30 mm
No. of waves11 
Fire classB 2
Weightapprox. 2,5 kg/m²
Packing unit150's palett
Available colors for all sheets



The manufacturer provides a 15 years warranty in accoradance to the following warranty terms on condition that the genuine gutta products are used and the installation instructions are followed.

The gutta werke guarantees its guttanit®/ guttapral®/ gutta do it® bitumen corrugated sheets for roofs and walls within the following scope and in accordance to the following terms:

Scope of warranty:
Water permeabilityIn the event of water permeability within 15 years, the gutta werke will replace the sheets and accessories free of charge. Excluded are the above-mentioned warranty terms for damages to the bituminous corrufates sheets caused by strom, hail, and lightning or trough the fault parties other than the guarantor. All further claims shall be excluded.

Terms of warranty:
The aforementioned right to claim under warranty may only be asserted if the following conditions have been met: 

  • the original receipt with purchase date and purchase quantitymust be submitted
  • the local an national building regulations and statutory ordinances must be observed
  • the installation instructions (include in each package of nails) were followed
  • once damage was determined, the notice of damage form was immediately requested, filled out, and sent back to the issuer of the invoice. Please request claim notification in your respective language
  • no work include in the scope of this warranty work was performed without the approval of the gutta werke
  • measure for minimizing damage were implemented

Within 4 weeks of receiving the notice of loss and compliance with the above terms, the gutta werke manufacturers for its part, depending on scope of damage, is obliged to send an inspector to assess the damage or to promotly make good the damage. Repairs or replacement work performed under warranty neither extends the period of warranty nor begins an new period of warranty.

Warranties provided by the vendor to the final costumers based on the purchase agreement for the guttanit®/ guttapral®/ gutta do it®- bitumen corrugated sheets shall remain unaffected.

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