guttagliss acrylcolor

Create special highlights with quality colour glazing.

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guttagliss acrylcolor


  • Acryl (PMMA)

  • Frost and heat resistant

  • UV-resistant

  • Weather-resistant

  • Doesn’t splinter or crack

  • High transparency

  • Easy to process

Your options

  • Sight protection

  • Glazings

  • Illuminated advertising

  • Furniture

  • Displays

  • Backlit glass

  • . . . and your own ideas

guttagliss acrylcolor sheets are the perfect solution for you if you want your home to have that special look – transparent, brilliant and long-lived. See for yourself: the options for individual design are virtually limitless...

Use guttagliss acrylcolor to make your creative ideas come true – as individual and versatile as your home:

Simply brilliant: countless ways of realising your design ideas

guttagliss acrylcolor gives you an attractive, versatile and easy to use material. Let your creativeness run wild and be thrilled by new colour and light effects. One outstanding advantage of the material: owing to the special production method, the plane sheets display a low refraction of light. The outcome is an unequalled transparency and brilliance – for dramatic designs.

Robust, long-lived and attractive
The acrylic glass is cast during the production of the guttagliss sheets – a big plus point for working the material and for long service life. The low intrinsic tension allows the sheets to be mechanically worked and machined with the greatest of ease. The advantages become apparent when sawing, drilling or milling the material! What is more: the material is tough, does not splinter, keeps its colour effect for many years, and will give you endless pleasure for as many years.

Create individual highlights in the whole of the living area. You decide where exquisitely colourful effects should stand out. Creating visually effective glazing for cabinets and glass cases, deco lamps or backlit bar counters are just a few examples.

And there is one more advantage: a few movements of the hand are sufficient to give a totally new look to objects or items which are already glazed – for an exciting change in your own home for little money. Another design tip: do you want to work with light effects? Then why not try to combine the coloured sheets with the opal design. The light scatter will be better and the effect will be visibly enhanced – you'll be thrilled!

Versatility for indoors and outdoors
Owing to their outstanding quality, guttagliss acrylcolor sheets are also suitable for impressive light advertising and displays. The material is weather and UV resistant and therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor use.

Versions(click to enlarge)
blue transparent
grey transparent

green transparent
orange transparentred transparentwhite transparent
aluline U-profile
Aluminum profile
for flat sheets
from 2 - 6 mm or
10 mm thickness,
silver anodized, 
for bordering,
framing and ends
19 x 17 mm
Length: 2000 mm
aluline H-profile
Aluminum profile
for flat sheets
from 2 - 6 mm or
10 mm thickness,
silver anodized, 
for profile connections
36 x 17 mm
Length: 2000 mm

aluline corner profile
Aluminum profile
for flat sheets
from 2 - 6 mm or
10 mm thickness,
silver anodized,
for corner connections
36 x 17 mm
Length: 2000 mm

aluline profile gasket
for plate thickness from
2 - 6 mm, compatible
with all aluline profiles
Thickness: 12 mm
Length: 2000 mm

aluline corner

for all aluline
36 x 36 mm

Strukturessmooth cast
Thickness3 mm
Colors and
blue-transparent - 65 %
grey-transparent - 65 %
green-transparent - 67 %
orange-transparent - 70 %
red-transparent - 70 %
white-transparent - 64 %
Sizes500 x 250 mm, 500 x 500 mm, 500 x 1000 mm, 500 x 1250 mm,
500 x 1500 mm, 1520 x 2050 mm 
Special formatsprecut sizes on request
Thermal stability- 40°C up to + 85°C
Fire classDIN 4102 B2

Our guttagliss acrylcolor coloured sheets are warranted for 10 years after the selling date against excessive loss of transparency and of tensile and bending strength.

Detailed warranty terms on each product, especially the preconditions and limitations, are found under Downloads.

If requested, the warranty terms will be sent in hardcopy. 

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