guttabeta drain plus

Special dimpled membranes with filter fleece and sliding foil

guttabeta-drain plus


  • High pressure resistance

  • Highly resistant to cracks

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Free of decay

  • Toxicologically harmless

  • Impact resistant, elastic

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • No action on drinking water

  • Impact resistant and fracture resistant

Your options

  • Foundation wall protection when sealed with thick coatings

  • Protection of the foundation wall sealing

  • Drainage systems

  • Inding layers

  • Floor screed underlayers

  • Component of terrace garden concepts

  • Drainage of cellar walls

Dimpled membranes with floating film and non-woven fabric
When thick-coat masonry damp-proofing is involved, dimpled membrans with special PE floating film are a very reasonable alternative. Owing to the three-part structure, this design is particularly versatile and adaptable. Thanks to the thick coating, the long-term and effective protection of the foundation walls is safeguarded. The floating film prevents any potential point stress loads. If the fill settles or the subsoil shifts, the floating film will compensate.



guttabeta cover

for covering the upper 
edge of the dimpled
Length: 2000 mm
Width: 80 mm
Height: 15 mm
guttabeta PE
assembly  dowels

for attachment to
guttabeta drain and 
drain plus

Length: 80 mm
Plate: ø 53 mm

Butyl tape, black
for attachment to the 
dimpled membrane 
in the overlapping area

Length: 15 m
Width: 15 mm

Materialmembran: HDPE (High density polyethylene)
fleece: Polyproylen endless fiber
sliding foil: Polyethylen (LDPE)
Colormembran: black
fleece: grey
sliding foil: black
Compression resistancetested according CE standard EN 13252:2000/A1:2005
approx. 250 kN/m² (25 t/m²)
Stud heightapprox. 8 mm
Studs per1860 piece/m²
Air volume between studsabout 5,3 l/m²
Drainage abilityapprox. 4,6 l/s/m (16.000 l/h/m)
Temperature resistance- 40°C up to + 80°C
Roll sizes in m2,0 x 12,5
Pallet units6 rolls

Technical changes reserved, measure tolerance 4%, protect from ultraviolet radiation



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