guttabeta star

Special dimpled membranes with high pressure stability

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  • High pressure resistance

  • Highly resistant to cracks

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Free of decay

  • Toxicologically harmless

  • Impact resistant, elastic

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • No action on drinking water

  • Impact resistant and fracture resistant

Your options

  • Foundation wall protection in case of sealing with bituminous paints or sealing compounds

  • In case of ground with a proper drainage

  • Blinding layers

  • Composition floor underlay

High quality for consistent safety
Keep your home dry. A well-protected and dry cellar is the best guarantee for the upkeep and protection of the building substance, keeps moisture away from masonry, protects against mould and rising damp and prevents may other problems. The first step is the effective and permanent protection of the foundation walls which should be made right during the building stage. Dimpled membrans made of special strong and robust plastic material have proven to be the best solution. But not every brand of dimpled membrans is as good as the next: there are substantial differences in terms of strength, stability and material finish. It pays to take a closer look and to opt for a high-grade material – your home will forever be grateful.

How do dimpled membrans work?
When it comes to protecting the foundation walls, dimpled membrans are unbeatable: they combine ultimate pressure resilience under a wide variety of different conditions with a sealing effect for the foundation walls. They keep the building dry and are shockproof and fracture resistant. 

When selecting dimpled membrans, properties such as abrasion resistance, resistance to chemicals and protection against fungi and bacteria should also be kept in mind to ensure that the dimpled membrans do their job properly for many years to come. They are not only a valuable asset when it comes to waterproofing the cellar. They also serve as cleanliness layer or as drainage for green roofs.

Ultimate pressure resilience
It pays in the long run to decide in favour of dimpled membrans with high-grade material properties. It is often the less obvious details which are crucial for the proper function, for instance a strongly enhanced pressure resilience. A special star-shaped design of the dimples enhances resilience and stability even more, resulting in the forces being better absorbed and the mechanical durability being increased.

guttabeta cover

for covering the upper 
edge of the dimpled
Length: 2000 mm
Width: 80 mm
Height: 15 mm
guttabeta PE
fixing plug

for attachment to the
dimpled membrane 

using steel nails
Upper width: 7 mm
Lower width: 16 mm
Borehole: ø 3 mm
Butyl tape, black
for attachment to the 
dimpled membrane 
in the overlapping area

Length: 15 m
Width: 15 mm

MaterialHDPE (High density polyethylene)
Compression resistancetested according CE standard EN 13967:2012
Stud heightapprox. 7 mm
Studs per1860 piece/m²
Air volume between studsapprox. 5,0 l/m²
Drainage abilityapprox. 4.6 l/s/m (16600 l/h/m)
Roll sizes in m1,0 x 20, 1,5 x 20, 2,0 x 20, 2,5 x 20, 3,0 x 20, 4,0 x 20
Temperature resistance- 40°C up to + 80°C
Pallet units

1.0 m: 24 rolls
1.5 to 2.0 m: 12 rolls
2.5 to 4.0 m: 18 rolls

Technical changes reserved, measure tolerance 4%, protect from ultraviolet radiation

In the event that gutta original products were used and the fixing instructions were respected, the manufacturer accords a 20 year warranty under following policy:

Gutta Werke gives a warranty for its guttabeta® star dimpled membrans for the protection of the foundation walls, with such warranty given under the following conditions and the following extent.

Extent of the warranty:
We give a 20 year warranty for the rotting resistance of the guttabeta® star dimpled membrans.

Warranty terms and conditions:
Claims under the foregoing warranty may be made only by observing the following conditions:
• the dimpled membrans have been laid properly and in compliance with our laying instructions
• the dimpled membrans have been covered with earth as instructed and the sheets have suffered no mechanical damage.

Gutta Werke on their part undertake within four weeks after receiving the notice of claim and observing the foregoing conditions and depending on the volume of the claim to dispatch an expert to appraise the damage or to make an ex gratia settlement.

Warranty obligations do not cause the warranty period to be prolonged, nor do they initiate a new warranty period. Seller's warranty obligations in relation to the last buyer arising from the contract of purchase and sale concerning the guttabeta® star dimpled membrans remain unaffected.

Differences are reserved in size, colour, etc. within the usual tolerance. The local building regulations must be observed. Our recommendations constitute no release from the duty for the buyer to inspect the product in its own responsibility. If in doubt, please contact a technical consulting service.

This warranty does not affect the consumer's statutory rights in relation to seller arising from material defects.

Technical details subject to change without notice.

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