Aluminium greenhouse

Professional quality for all leisure gardeners. The aluminium greenhouse with the patented connection!

guttagarden aluminium greenhouse | Click to enlarge
guttagarden aluminium greenhouse | Click to enlarge
guttagarden aluminium greenhouse | Click to enlarge
guttagarden aluminium greenhouse | Click to enlarge
aluminium greenhouse


  • 6 mm thick special twinwall sheets

  • Safe and simple assembly

  • Robust construction

  • Two-part Door

Make the best out of your garden: use a solid aluminium greenhouse to grow plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit faster and with better success. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the greenhouse withstands any kind of weather condition and extends your gardening season – from springtime far into autumn.

A solid affair: The guttagarden aluminium greenhouse

Many hobby gardeners dream of a small greenhouse for their own garden. The growing season is extended, plants grow faster and thrive. But greenhouses are something quite special: to make sure that the glass home for your flowers and plants gives you many years of pleasure and fun, a solid construction is a must and the practical details are important – as offered by the guttagarden aluminium greenhouse in the tried and tested quality "made in Germany"!

It already begins with the solid construction of the greenhouse: the patented connecting system not only allows the greenhouse to be set up and taken down in no time, it also boasts ultimate sturdiness and withstands any kind of weather! The special 6 mm twinwall panels create exactly the micro-climate your plants need. The door is in two parts for convenient access and, depending on size, all greenhouses are fitted with one or two venting windows for the necessary fresh air supply on warm and sunny days.

Each greenhouse is 2.30 metres wide, has an eaves height of 1.30 metres and a ridge height of 2 metres, allowing you to work standing upright in comfort. The length can be varied from one and half to almost four and a half metres, depending on need. After assembly, we recommend bolting the greenhouses to concrete or masonry foundations. As an alternative, aluminium foundations with ground nails are available, allowing the greenhouse to be offset over a short distance.

The two-wing door is a convenient 73 cm in width. But the other details have also been well thought out: the ergonomically shaped door handles, for instance, the worktops and the many shelving units which can be arranged in any configuration and which significantly enlarge the volume of your greenhouse. Strong ground profile sections and extra strong profile sections in the gables offer the necessary foothold, while a rainwater gutter with drainage nozzle makes sure that water drains off quickly.

Ergonomically designed door handlesStabile stand through thick ground sections Extra strong sections in the ridge area
Roof gutter with drainage supportWithout glass retaining clips – Simply push in, finished!
Automatic window 
fits Typ F2 up to F6

Work table
6 mm twinwall sheet
Length: 78 cm
Width: 68 cm
fits Typ F2 up to F6
Alu shelf board
6 mm twinwall sheet
Length: 81 cm
Width: 24 cm
fits Typ F2 up to F6
Roof window
Length 65 cm
Width 73 cm
fits Typ F2 up to F6
Aluminum foundation
fits Typ F2 up to F6

Shadow matt green 
with eyelets
Effect approx. 60 %
Length:  580 cm
Width: 150 cm
Typ AreaLengthWidthEaves heightRidge heightRoof windowPlate thickness
3,55 m²154 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm16 mm
5,24 m²228 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm16 mm
6,90 m²300 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm16 mm
8,58 m²373 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm26 mm
10,30 m²448 cm227 cm130 cm200 cm26 mm



Thanks to the 15 year warranty on the construction and the aluminium profiles and the 10 year warranty on the plastic panes against discolouring, your own "home from home" will give you many years of relaxing pleasure.

15 years warranty on the construction and the aluminium profiles and 10 years warranty on the PC sheets against discoloration. The warranty period commences on the date of invoice.

Within the warranty period, we undertake to remedy all functional defects involving the greenhouse, with such defects shown to have been caused by poor workmanship or by material defects.

Spare parts and working hours for work completed under warranty will not be charged.

Disclaimer: The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear or transport damage, environmental damage caused by hail, wind or snow loads, damage caused by failure to observe the assembly instructions and improper assembly. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for consequential damage and indirect loss and damage to property.

All greenhouses are delivered without accessories and decorative elements. Differences are reserved in size, colour, etc. within the usual tolerance. The local building regulations must be observed.

Our recommendations constitute no release from the duty for the buyer to inspect the product in its own responsibility. If in doubt, please contact a technical consulting service.

This warranty does not affect the consumer's statutory rights in relation to seller arising from material defects.

Technical details subject to change without notice.


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