guttagarden lawn grids

Everything green. Create driveways, parking and traffic areas on ecological art.

guttagarden Lawn grids | Click to enlarge
guttagarden Lawn grids | Click to enlarge
guttagarden Lawn grids | Click to enlarge
guttagarden Lawn grids | Click to enlarge
Lawn bars


  • Available in 2 versions

  • UV stabilized

  • Temp. resistant up to +60 °C

  • weather-resistant and frost-resistant

  • Lawn component 80 - 90 %

  • Easy to install

  • Fixed links in polysurface

Your options

  • Driveways

  • Private parking spaces and carports

  • Garden paths

  • Strengthening pavements

  • Fastenings of banquets

  • Securing slopes

  • . . . and your own ideas

Soil sealing, a thing of the past. Give your traffic areas today along ecological lines and lay a "green carpet" to the drive up to your house – with the practical guttagarden lawn grids or lawn honeycombs.

The permanent solution with environmental protection effect
Put an end to sealed soil and outdoor surfaces. Design your driveways and other areas on your property with the environmentally friendly yet fully drivable guttagarden lawn grid or grass honeycomb. Made of ecological and recycled polyethylene (HDPE), the grids are vibratable and suitable for parking areas, driveways and pathways. With their standard soil hooks, the lawn grids are also ideal for stabilising embankments and shore zones.

The open design allows roots to grow through the grids into the soil, creating  a solid and firm green area which gives stability and safety without impairing the natural moisture need of the plants.

The result is a visually pleasing and closed lawn area as the webs of the grids, if properly laid, are covered evenly by the lawn.

guttagarden lawn grids and lawn honeycombs are made in Germany under stringent quality controls and with a high production standard. It goes without saying that the components of the product are no health risk, ecologically harmless and 100% recyclable.

Everybody benefits from this environmentally friendly product: you do something effective against the increase in soil sealing and you do something beneficial for flood protection. The advantages of unsealed soil surfaces: rain water does not run off into the sewer system and from there too quickly into the rivers, but seeps slowly and evenly into the ground and so helps groundwater management.

Versions(click to enlarge)
Lawn grid 50 x 50 cmLawn grid 56 x 38 cm



  Lawn grid 50 x 50 cm Lawn grid 56 x 38 cm
Materialrecycling granulate, Polyethylen (HDPE)recycling granulate, Polyethylen (HDPE)
Size50 x 50 cm (+/- 2 %) 56 x 38 cm (+/- 2 %)
Honeycomb height3,8 cm (+/- 2 %)  3,1 cm (+/- 2 %) 
Wall thicknessca. 2,7 - 3,2 mm (+/- 2 %) ca. 2,7 - 3,2 mm (+/- 2 %)
Requirement0,250 m²/ piece 4 piece= per m² 0,211 m²/ piece 4,73 piece= per m² 
Resilience115 t/m² 115 t/m²
Weightapprox. 1,2 kg = per lawn grid approx. 0,90 kg = per lawn grid
approx. 4,8 kg = per m² approx. 4,26kg = per m²
Colourgreen shade green shade
Ground sealing prevented by the honeycomb grid stone design with large openingsprevented by the honeycomb grid stone design with large openings
Surface structurehoneycomb structure with antiskid nopshoneycomb structure with antiskid nops
Laying timeapprox. 30 - 40 m² per hour approx. 30 - 40 m² per hour
Fillingsoil or mixture with grass (grass share of total surface approx. 80 to 90%). granulate with grain size up to approx. 20 mm edge length.
Packaging/Palletpalleting 1 (stretched):
116 pieces = 29 m²
aalet: 100 x 100 x 125,2 cm
total weight: ca. 150 kg

palleting 2 (stretched): 240 pieces = 60 m²
pallet: 100 x 100 x 243 cm
total weight: approx. ca. 300 kg
palleting 1 (stretched):
140 pieces = 29,6 m²
palet: 80 x 120 x 124 cm
total weight: ca. 126 kg

palleting 2 (stretched): 300 pieces = 63,4 m²
palet: 80 x 120 x 247,5 cm
total weight: approx. ca. 270 kg

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