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Corrugated sheets

Corrugated sheets

guttagliss corrugated sheets and corrugated sheets are available in different shapes, colors and materials. We have a matching product for every individual expectation of appearance, durability and processibility.



Twinwall sheets

Twinnwall sheets

guttagliss twinwall sheets made of polycarbonate or acryl, thanks to their outstanding product properties, are eminently suitable for optically appealing roofings of open spaces like terraces or pergolas. Also, due to their good insulation properties, guttagliss twinwall sheets can also be used for closed annexes, like winter gardens or greenhouses.



Twinwall panels

Twinnwall panels

guttagliss twinwall panels are available in two different designs. The simpler version, of PVC, does not have a rain-proof joint, which excludes the possibility of usage as a roofing. The groove and spring system of the guttagliss easy click panels, in contrast, is watertight. Furthermore, the surface is permanently UV-protected. As a result, the guttagliss easy click panels of polycarbonate are also suitable for roofings.



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