guttagliss makro corrugated sheets

Polycarbonate - unbreakable, weather-resistant with a special UV protection

guttagliss makro corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss makro corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss makro corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss makro corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss makro


  • Standard quality * * *

  • Polycarbonat (PC)

  • Impact-resistant, hailstone-resistant

  • Good UV protection, high transparency

  • Durability

  • Temperature-resistant

  • High transparency

Your options

  • Pergolas

  • Carports

  • Shelters

  • Paneling

  • Roofing and wall cladding

  • ... and your ideas

Polycarbonate, the base material for guttagliss makro profile sheets, is an extremely resilient and highly impact-resistant plastic material – made for the toughest conditions. guttagliss makro profile sheets are extremely shatter-proof, resistant to hailstone impact and easy to work with – and all this with a slim material thickness and an attractive value for money.

Your special advantage: the profile sheets are co-extruded and therefore feature an additional and long lasting surface protection coating against UV radiation and providing outstanding weather resistance.

When laying guttagliss makro profile sheets with surface protection coating or UV protection on one side only, make sure that the coated side always faces up, respectively outwards. For easy identification: the UV protection side of the sheet carries the product label.

makro sinus clear

makro sinus bronce

makro trapez clear

makro trapez bronce



Roof screws
4,5 x 45 mm, galvanized
with seal and attached
cap, seal ø 19.6 mm
on the outside

Screws  VA
4,5 x 45 mm,
high-grade steel,
stainless, with universal
seal, seal ø 20 mm
on the outside

Pipe hook M6
galvanized, with nut,
and attached cap
seal ø 20,8 mm
on the outside
1/2“, 3/4“ and 1“

Wall screws
5 x 25 mm, galvanized,
with seal and attached
cap, seal ø 19.6 mm
on the outside

Sinus spacer
for profile 76/18

Trapez spacer
for profile 76/18

sealing strips
foam material, white,
Sinus 76/18
Length 76 cm

sealing strips

foam material, white,
Trapez 76/18
Length 76 cm

Adhesive tape silver
to mask the surfaces
of the structure
Width: 60 mm
Lenght: 50 m
Plastic drill bit
HSS, stepless,
with laser scaling
from 4 - 14 mm

Special silicone
310 ml cartridge
for sealing and adhesion,
plastic compatible

Profilessinus 76/18
trapez 76/18
Colorsclear, bronce
Sheet length in mm2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000
Width/Effective width in mmsinus and trapez 1040/970
Thickness in mm0,8
Temperature lastingnessfrom -40° up to +120°C
clear approx. 90 %
Fire classDIN 4102 B1



Our guttagliss makro profile sheets are warranted for 10 years after the selling date against breakage as a result of weather or hailstone exposure, and against excessive loss of translucency.

Detailed warranty terms on each product, especially the preconditions and limitations, are found under Downloads.

If requested, the warranty terms will be sent in hardcopy. 

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