guttagliss pvc corrugated sheets

Cost-effective and proven for many applications.

guttagliss pvc corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss pvc corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss pvc corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss pvc corrugated sheets | Click to enlarge
guttagliss pvc


  • Basic quality * *

  • Polyvinylchlorid (PVC)

  • Cost-effective and sturdy

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • High transparency

  • Fire class B1 (DIN 4102)

Your options

  • Sheds

  • Canopies

  • Paneling

  • Roofing covers

  • ... and your own ideas

PVC is one of the first and best known plastics, tried and tested for decades and extremely robust when handled. guttagliss pvc profile sheets are a cost-effective solution if visual appearance and long service life are of secondary importance.

The transparent sheets are reasonably priced and easy to handle. Important: UV radiation influences the durability of the PVC sheets after many years of use. guttagliss pvc profile sheets are flame-retardant in compliance with DIN 4102 B1.

The sheets are extruded and have good weather resistance, good thermal properties and a smooth and non-porous surface. guttagliss pvc Profile sheets are highly transparent and translucent.

Please note: for static structural reasons, guttagliss pvc Micro-Sinus sheets with small corrugation are not suitable as roofing material.

Versions(click to enlarge)
pvc sinus clear

pvc sinus bronce

pvc trapezoid clear

pvc trapezoid bronce

pvc microsinus

pvc sinus P5

pvc sinus P8




Roof screws, 4,5 x 45 mm, galvanized, with seal and attached cap, seal ø 19.6 mm on the outsideScrews  VA, 4,5 x 45 mm, high-grade steel, stainless, with universal seal, seal ø 20 mm on the outsidePipe hook M6 galvanized, with nut, and attached cap seal ø 20,8 mm on the outside, 1/2“, 3/4“ and 1“Wall screws, 5 x 25 mm, galvanized, with seal and attached cap, seal ø 19.6 mm on the outside

Sinus spacer, transparent, for profile 76/18Trapezoid spacer, transparent, for profile 76/18Corrugated sealing strips, foam material, white, Sinus 76/18, Length 76 cmCorrugated sealing strips, foam material, white, Trapezoid 70/18, Length 76 cm
Adhesive tape silver, to mask the surfaces of the structure, Width: 60 mm, Lenght: 50 mPlastic drill bit, HSS, stepless, with laser scaling from 4 - 14 mmSpecial silicone, 310 ml cartridge for sealing and adhesion, plastic compatibleWall junction Sinus, 76/18, for connection from above to an existing wall, 990 x 150 x 50 mm
Masonry junction Sinus, 76/18, for connection from the side to awall, 990 x 130 x 50 mmWall junction Trapez, 76/18, for connection from above to a wall, 1090 x 150 x 50 mmMasonry junction Trapez, 70/18, for connection from the side to a wall, 990 x 130 x 50 mmRidge cover Sinus, 76/18, transparent, for different roof pitches, 900 x 150 x 150 mm
Ridge cover Trapez, 70/18, transparent, for different roof pitches, 1090 x 150 x 150 mm



Profilessinus 76/18
trapez 70/18
micro-Sinus* 32/8
P5 sinus 177/51
P8 sinus 130/30
(*not suitable for roofing)
Colorsclear, bronce
Length in mm2000, 2500, 3000
Width/Effective width in mmsinus 900/820 
trapez 1090/1020 
micro-sinus* 750/710
P5 sinus 920/740
P8 sinus 1000/870
Thicknesses0,8 mm (Sinus, Trapez)
Temperature stability-20° up to  +60°C
Elongation at break20 – 100 %
Flexural radius min.2800 mm
Light transmission ratioclear > 84 %
Chemical stabilityfulfilled according to DIN 16929
Fire classificationB1 (DIN 4102)

* only available in clear  

Our guttagliss pvc profile sheets are warranted under BGB (German Civil Code). Depending on weather exposure, the transparency and flexibility of the sheets declines to a lesser or greater degree during the warranty period.

Differences are reserved in size, colour, etc. within the usual tolerance. The local building regulations must be observed. Our recommendations constitute no release from the duty for the buyer to inspect the product in its own responsibility. If in doubt, please contact a technical consulting service.

Technical details subject to change without notice.

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