Twinwall panels

Polycarbonate twinwall panels

guttagliss easy click

Standard *** Quality
guttagliss easy click panels are made of polycarbonate, a very tough and extremely impact-resistant plastics which is often used for bullet-proof and impact-resistant glazed security windows. guttagliss easy click panels are therefore enormously break-resistant, hail-resistant, and easy to work with despite their relatively low material strength. guttagliss easy click panels have a ten-year guarantee.

PVC twinwall panels

guttagliss paneel

Basic ** Quality
guttagliss paneel made of PVC are inexpensive and easy to process. However, they do not have a rain-proof groove and spring joint, which excludes the possibility of usage as a roofing. PVC is one of the oldest plastics and is a very solid material to work with. The UV rays make the PVC panels less durable over the long term. guttagliss paneel transparent sheet elements are highly flame-resistant in accordance with the DIN 4102 B 1 standard.



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