My home is my castle – make the saying become reality with Gutta products. We protect your home all around.

Gutta provides reliable protection against the elements

Our company founder Christoph Dicken von Oetinger set himself the task of developing, producing and selling products that meet people’s safety and protection requirements.

We have been working with this objective in mind for over 55 years.

Whether it be a roof over one’s head, a carport, a canopy, a patio roof or other roofing systems – we provide comprehensive protection for people and their belongings.

In doing so, we remain focused on making the best use of the resources available. In our view, reprocessing recyclable materials in subordinate areas is an important step towards eco-efficient production. Our range of products therefore also includes products made of 100% recycled material.

The need for protection and security has increased drastically in recent years. Our teams therefore develop innovative product ranges for the future that go beyond the main focus of existing product ranges.

Security is a basic need. We do everything we can to enable people to feel safe and protected in their homes.

Christoph Dicken von Oetinger

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