Gutta is one of Europe’s first points of contact for building materials, components and garden products. We work in close partnership with DIY stores and specialist retailers and win over end consumers with innovative products of the highest quality at an attractive price.

Our vision is to be one of the best in our industry

Our core competence is the development, production, sales and distribution of building materials, components and garden products to building supplies stores, the specialized trade sector and the end user. Advancing digitalization provides end consumers with a broad basis of data and information, which in turn influences their purchase decisions. End users’ requirements in terms of information, consulting, logistics and service are therefore continuously changing. We are therefore already preparing to meet these requirements. We have responded to this challenge by transforming our processes, products, range of services and communication portfolios as well as our order platforms.

Our mission is

  • to develop innovative products and service concepts in line with market requirements and to distribute them via various sales channels in order to meet demand.
  • to make procedures and processes as lean and efficient as possible up until and including delivery.
  • to recognize, fulfill and, if possible, go beyond our customers’ requirements. The focus of our business is on total customer satisfaction.
  • to increase the group’s value chain through strategic acquisitions.
  • to continuously increase turnover and strengthen brand values through strategic sales cooperations and partnerships.
  • to actively contribute to the protection of the environment and climate through sustainable actions and resource-efficient production.
  • to be a reliable employer that offers the opportunity to develop further while providing modern and secure working conditions. The occupational health and safety of our employees is of particular importance to us.
> 5000 satisfied customers worldwide
> 2500 items in our product range
> 500 daily deliveries
> 50 sales representatives

We are Europe's “all-in-one” partner when it comes to building materials, components and garden products for DIY stores, specialist retailers and end consumers. We are constantly seeking to further expand our strong market position.

Detlef Witte, Managing Director of Gutta Werke Schutterwald (Germany)

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