The DIY store industry is a business that requires a high level of commitment from all those involved. Our company has decades of experience in delivering competitive branded products, superior delivery quality and competent service for construction and garden, and we are proud of this.

Active across the globe – always in close proximity to the customer

Our customers in the B2B sector include leading international DIY store chains and garden centers. Together we have made Gutta products for the home and garden become known around the globe. The DIY store market is the ideal partner for our company as it allows direct access to the end consumer while at the same time pushing us to continuously optimize our products and develop new, innovative solutions.

Developing trusting partnerships as a basis for mutual success is particularly important to us. Together, we can achieve many things that would otherwise be unattainable for the individual. By maintaining our flexibility, focus and specialization we can increase our success together. That is why we are proud to be able to offer our business partners a network of highly specialized partners who are perfectly equipped to meet our various requirements in a customer-oriented manner. The goods and services we provide to different target groups are described in more detail below.

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