Gutta for Distributors

Gutta has been a successful and valued trading partner to numerous groups for decades. Flexibility and speed are a matter of course for us, they allow us to anticipate new market trends as early as possible. Challenge us - do business with Gutta!

The Gutta Eco-System

Quality products feature the best service. We cherish to this observation every day, supporting our trading partners individually, reliably and flexibly. Our services in the areas of logistics, product portfolio and customization help our retail customers to succeed in their respective markets. We support your sales “end to end”- from digital interfaces in supply chain management to order processing and warehousing to delivery to the consumer.

Anytime, anywhere. Gutta has access to a wide network of sales and logistics partners, as well as company branches all over the world. We support our partners with service that is cost-efficient, rapid, and consistently high quality. It is thus no coincidence that we have been a valued partner to industry-leading home improvement centers for decades.

We are working hand in hand with our customers,
complementing our high-performance products
by developing complementary customer-oriented services

Hans-Peter Lipp, Head of Sales & Marketing Gutta Werke Schutterwald (D)

Product range

Our brand products help your customers to achieve lasting, value-stable and visually appealing solutions for their home and garden.

New products and portfolios, continuous development and product improvements takes a high priority at Gutta. Everything comes from a single source, from in-house product development to high-level vertical integration right down to product and marketing management.

Complex logistics

Our full product range includes a complete selection of perfectly matched supplemental services that are designed to simplify your processes, acquisitions and logistics. As your “outsourced” logistics center, we ensure the rapid availability of all products and guarantee delivery of your order within the desired delivery time. Two large central warehouses and a network of regional warehouses enable fast delivery. Today, Gutta is already responsible for many classic and digital dealers’ entire logistics processes – right up to the end customer.

An average of more than 500 shipments leave our warehouses every day. That’s more than 130,000 orders a year!

Sales representatives

Customers have access to more than 20 sales representatives in Germany and Austria available for contact on site. With regular customer visits, they are always available for any questions and requests. Sales representatives’ services include providing personal support and advice, shelf maintenance, scheduling and object consulting.

Product training

In product training, Gutta gives your employees the know-how to respond targeted to customer questions, and to successfully present sales and presentation strategies.

Installation service

Everything from a single source – the idea, planning, delivery and finally professional assembly for the end user. Available across Germany, our installation service is the perfect complement to the construction components available in our product range. That way, you can offer your end users a well-conceived, customizable service plan in addition to attractive products!

Sales Promotion / Marketing

We support the success of your business with a wide range of communicative strategies. The decision to buy or not to buy is made at the POS. That is why Gutta uses a wide range of communicative strategies to make the end user aware of our products, educate them, convince them and finally, to motivate them to buy.

Everything you need for success at the POS

Sales support at the POS is of particular importance to Gutta. That’s why we focus on making our products as self-explanatory as possible. Clear product statements that feature quality grading, transparent price labeling as well as distinct and understandable user instructions all help the end user to find their way around the product range.

Display advertising

Gutta reaches the target group of particularly ambitious do-it-yourselfers with regular advertisements in leading specialist journals. This raises product awareness continuously and prepares purchasing decisions ahead of time.

Press relations

In addition to trade magazines, Gutta products also feature in local daily and weekly newspapers. As a result, the name of Gutta reaches individuals who are not themselves regular readers of specialist publications.


Our homepage keeps readers up to date on news, provides technical data on all our products, and features videos, instructions for use, warranty conditions and more. A particular advantage: our interactive product finder leads your customers directly to the desired solution.


In our blog you will find an always up-to-date exchange of information and experience. Product novelties, tips and experiences for processing or other news around Gutta: Benefit from topicality and interactivity!

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