Gutta for Suppliers

We work together with our suppliers to develop sustainable, tight-knit and cooperative relationships. We buy exactly as we sell - with our customers in mind and to their advantage.

Requirements at Gutta

New suppliers need to achieve success quickly in order to build trust in our network. To do this, we’ve developed a process that makes it possible to identify and eliminate potential problems at an early stage.

Our goal is it to ensure a smooth and economically successful cooperation. To accomplish this, we help to validate processes and products, reward successful innovation management, and provide global sales opportunities. Working to make sure that our suppliers succeed, Gutta is a reliable partner right from the start.

100% quality


Gutta is a trusting partner. To ensure that everything works right the first time, we support our partners' certification and process management.

Terrace roofing/Premium Carport, white, detail


We thrive on constantly reinventing ourselves and our products. That's why we help our suppliers to innovation. We reward innovation.


Gutta combines numerous international points of sale with a strong network of sales people and partners. Superior sales with Gutta

We strive to develop strong relationships with suppliers who can deliver quality goods and services for our business. As a partner, we rely on you to meet - and even exceed - ever-increasing expectations for quality and performance.

Michel Kebaier, Purchasing manager

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