Performance, honesty, respect, responsibility, further training and team spirit are the keys to success!

Employees are the foundation of a strong company!

We encourage and urge our employees to develop their responsibilities, competence and creativity. The opportunity to develop further within the company and within our group of companies is especially appealing to young people.

Flexible working hour schemes, company welfare, attractive employee benefits and much more make Gutta a highly desirable place to work. In our opinion, combining modern corporate management with contemporary digital media is a key to success.

As an international group of companies, we are proud of our multicultural corporate culture.

25 locations
400 employees
12% growth
25 trainees

Performance, honesty, respect, responsibility, training and team spirit are the keys to success!

Gutta’s values ​​are reflected in its Code of Conduct, which establishes guidelines for interactions with employees and colleagues, customers, suppliers and service providers as well as business partners.

The values ​​we have defined for our group of companies are based on

At Gutta, we work in a meritocracy that demands a high level of performance and commitment from each individual. We evaluate performance on the basis of customer satisfaction, effectiveness and results to the benefit to the company. Our primary objective is it to inspire our customers and to make processes as lean and efficient as possible.

We are open and honest in our actions and communication. This openness and honesty makes us predictable and trustworthy in our environment.

We respect everyone regardless of their background, education, and gender. We communicate and behave with respect and fairness.

We take responsibility for our respective fields of activity, make decisions and think outside the box. At Gutta, responsibility also means using our resources sparingly and avoiding waste.

We continually pursue our further development and move with the times. Continuous development in social interactions, work scheduling and specialist and work topics helps us to remain the best possible partners in our field.

Team spirit shapes a team. Good team spirit increases job satisfaction, motivation and efficiency in the workplace.

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