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Weed protection – for a flourishing garden



Stopping uncontrolled growth in your garden

Weed protection - for a flourishing garden

Almost any hobby gardener would be annoyed by undesired uncontrolled growth in their garden. Weeds disfigure innumerable flower beds, and often seem to grow back faster than they can be removed. Even though weeds are annoying, many garden owners purposefully seek to avoid the use of chemicals. Fortunately, there is an environmentally friendly and natural alternative for preventing excessive weed growth: Weed control for the garden or front yard nips weeds in the bud, in the truest sense of the word.

Effective weed control – without chemicals

Even stubborn weeds such as horsetail, couch grass, common winds and ground elder don’t stand a chance with root protection. This is made possible by the strong quality of the fleece, which is permeable to water, air and nutrients but does not give weeds a chance to grow. Even in its strongest version, our “Premium plus” DuPont™ Plantex® weed fleece is environmentally friendly, durable and quick and easy to handle.

Stopping weed growth in its tracks

The principle behind weed control is as simple as it is ingenious: Via fitting incisions, only the desired ornamental plants are guided through the fleece. The weed fleece, which can also be covered with a layer of bark mulch or decorative gravel, simply prevents weeds from growing through the bedding.  This system of weed protection is chemically neutral and completely harmless. Once installed, it provides highly effective weed protection for years, protecting your well-kept beds. Depending on the quality of the fleece, there is a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 25 years with professional installation and covering.   The weed fleece also features a brown surface, giving it a natural look. Yet another advantage: When used without a mulch layer, our Premium plus fleece comes with a four-year guarantee.

Root protection with a natural barrier

Root barrier presents another option for stopping undesired wild growth in your garden. With root barrier, even annoying damage caused by bamboo or other aggressive root systems can be prevented. It also protects buildings and pipes. The root barrier material is environmentally friendly and has a long service life. This means that roots are only given the opportunity to grow where this is actually the case.

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